Praise for SAFETY NETwork...

SAFETY NETwork should be required reading in every MBA program. Vitally important to any successful executive are the skills and processes needed to create a thriving community of connections. You'll find them inside the pages of SAFETY NETwork!“ 

- Hank O'Donnell, CPCC; Master Chair, Vistage International

“Garber understands well the need for and the best way to build a truly supportive network. This book shows how it can be done.”  

 - Richard Guha, Chairman, International Executive Resource Group (IERG)

SAFETY NETwork illustrates the importance of executive networking through a captivating and emotional journey.”

- Ann Robson, EVP & Chief Client Officer, Kelleher Associates

"A timeless and motivating story, combined with a tremendously valuable appendix/resources." 

- Joey Iazzetto, Chairman, Marketing Executives Networking Group

Ralph Pibbs, corporate executive, is forced to stay in a homeless shelter after unintentionally setting his apartment on fire upon returning home from being terminated from his lucrative position. Between 12pm - 8pm, Ralph’s world turns upside down as he meets 5 unsuspecting characters who restore meaning, logic and direction to his life via 10 key lessons he failed to appreciate in his 18 year career as a corporate executive.

Based on 100+ C-level executive interviews who have been laid off, downsized or just plain fired, SAFETY NETwork intertwines professional defeat with hope, humor, and humanity. Current and future executives will want to utilize the tenets presented here to build your own professional safety net in order to avoid the pitfalls that will most likely besiege even the most distinguished of careers. 

A Tale of Ten Truths of Executive Networking