A Tale of Ten Truths of Executive Networking

“With SAFETY NETwork, Garber has mastered the art of allegorical storytelling.  She wove a story that I couldn’t put down and at the same time created a very practical checklist that all executives should follow, no matter how secure you feel in your current position.  The bottom line is that coaching and networking are invaluable career tools and shouldn’t just be part of an outplacement process.”  - Chicke Fitzgerald, Founder, Executive Girlfriends Group (EGG)

“Garber has written a terrific story about the trials and tribulations of executives in various stages of career transition.  SAFETY NETwork is a must read for anyone who still has a long career ramp to help prepare them for the inevitable bumps in the road that we will all face.”  - Joe Tait, Chapter President, Society For Information Management  (SIM)

About the Author

Suzanne Garber has been featured in the NY Times, USA Today, US News & World Report, and BusinessWeek, amongst others, and has spoken at dozens of international association conferences focusing on risk mitigation, disaster recovery, medical and security networks, and globalization. Suzanne serves on the boards of several for profit, humanitarian and association organizations, including some listed in this book. A dual US-EU citizen who has lived in 8 countries and traveled to 80 nations and all 7 continents, Suzanne holds a master's degree with honors from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA with honors in foreign languages from Rutgers University. A two-time cancer survivor, Suzanne splits her time between Philadelphia and Miami with her husband, Christopher, a US Army veteran and champion martial artist, who is a saint to put up with her global wanderings.